Genealogy of Baacha Khan

By: Ihsan Ullah


There are different opinions about the origin of Pathan. Many historians believe that Pathans are Aryans, from Iran, while other believes that they are from Bani Israel (Children of Israel). Any how historians are agreed on their genealogical background. According to historians the origin of Pathans are traced back to Qais Abdul Rasheed. He and his clan embraced Islam on the invitation of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed bin Utba bin Akrama, the famous companion of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

For the propagation of Islam Prophet Muhammad (SAW) send Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) to Khurasan where a tribe Afghan was living. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (RA) wrote an invitation letter to that Afghan tribe to embrace Islam. About seventy persons of that tribe came to Madinah and embraced Islam. At that time Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was busy in Makkah conquest. After conquest when Prophet (SAW) came back to Madinah he became very happy that Afghan tribe enters in Islam without any violence.  He changed their old names with new ones. Out of those seventy persons who came to Madinah and embraced Islam, one person named Qais got the name of Abdul Rasheed. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed married his daughter named Sara to Qais Abdul Rasheed. Due to his courage Prophet (SAW) gave him the title of Bathan which later on became Pathan.

Qais Abdul Rasheed

Qais Abdul Rasheed was known to be the pioneer of Pakhtuns. From Sara, Qias Abdul Rasheed had three sons named; (1) Sarban (2) Garghashti (3) Batni

  1. Sarban:        Sarban is the pioneer of Sarbani Pukhtoons. He had two sons named 1.1 Shrakhboon        1.2. Khrashboon
  1. Shrakhboon        He had six sons named
  1. Urmur

  2. Bareech
  3. Tareen
  4. Miana
  5. Babar
  6. Sheerani

All these six are the pioneers of clans and sub clans.

  1. Kharshboon; He had three sons named; Kasi, Zamand and Kand.
  1. Kasi; He had three sons named; Shinwari, Ketran and Kasni or

Kasi. Every one of them is the pioneers of clans and sub clans.

  1. Zamand; He is the pioneer of the Muhammadzai clan from which Baacha Khan belongs. He had five sons named:
  1. Muhammad

  2. Nokhi
  3. Katani
  4. Naki
  5. Khuwashgi

Every one of these had sons and grandsons who were the pioneers of clans and sub-clans.

  1. Kand; He had two sons named Ghoura or Ghouri and other Sheikha or Sheikhi. These two have sons and grandsons which are pioneer of clans and sub-clans. The younger son Sheikha or  Sheikhi is the pioneer of famous pushtoon tribe Yousafzais.

Muhammad, the elder son of Zamand is the pioneer of Muhammadzai clan. Muhammad had three sons and a daughter named Mamo. The offspring of Muhammad was settled in present Charsadda. Among all these offspring the eight became very famous. Different names were given to newly born villages which reflect the names of Muhammad’s offspring. Those eight villages were popularly known as Hasht Nagar. The word Hashtnagar is the combination of two languages Persian and Hindi. Hasth is a Persian word means “eight’ and Nagar is a Hindi word which means “village”. The word Hasht Nagar combinly means “eight villages” which was later on known to be Hashtnaghar in Pushto.

The three sons of Muhammad are;

  1. Ilyas; The pioneer of Ilyaszai. He had four sons named Zikriya, Saif-ud- din (Sapo), Hussain and Prang. They all were the pioneer of their clans.
  2. Shaho; The pioneer of Shahozai clan. He had eight sons named Barak Shah, Turang (Turangzai), Umar, Sulaiman, Yaqoob, Ghura, Aka and Babak. Some of them were the pioneer of their clans.
  3. Barak Shah; He is the pioneer of Badshahzai clan of Muhammadzai. He had two sons named;
  1. Rajar; He is the pioneer of Rajar.        Utman; He is the pioneer of Utmanzai. He had three sons named;

  1. Fareed Khan; The pioneer of Fareed Khel.
  2. Taimus Khan; The pioneer of Tarnau.
  3. Shareef Khan; He had a son named;
  1. Khawas Khan; The pioneer of Khawazi Khel. He had three sons named;
  1. Suleman Khan; the pioneer of Suleman Khel.
  2. Shamo Khan; the pioneer of Shamoze.
  3. Salman Khan; He had two sons named: Zain Khan Obaidullah Khan; He had two sons named; Jain Khan Khan he is the grandfather of Baacha Khan. He got two marriages. From his first wife he had three sons and a daughter while from 2nd wife he had two sons and a daughter. Their family backgrounds are as fallowing.


Saifullah Khan

Saifullah Khan (Grandfather of Baacha Khan) got two marriages

  • From his first wife he has three sons and one daughter. Those are;
  1. Behram Khan
  2. Shah Pasand Khan
  3. Samand Khan
  4. Wife of Haji Ghulam Haider Khan
  • From his 2nd wife Saifullah Khan having two sons and a daughter named as;
  1. Yar Muhammad Khan
  2. Ghulam Haidar Khan
  3. Wife of Sargans Khan

Behram Khan

Behram Khan is the elder son of Saifullah Khan of all his seven children.  He was from the first wife of Saifullah Khan. Behram Khan has two sons and two daughters.

  1. Shama Bibi
  2. Dr. Khan Saib
  3. Quresha Bibi
  4. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Baacha Khan)
  1. Shama Bibi

Behram Khan elder daughter was married to Attaullah Khan of Muhammad Nari village. She had a son named Sultan Muhammad Khan.

  1. Dr. Khan Saib

Dr. Khan Saib (His actual name) is the elder son of Behram Khan. He got two marriages; his first wife was from Charsadda and the second was a Scottish based lady in England. 

  1. Dr. Khan Saib first wife named Khursheda, the daughter of  Nasrullah Khan of Umbandher village of District Charsadda. From Khursheda, Dr. Khan Saib got three sons Sadullah Khan, Obaidullah Khan and Hidayatullah Khan and a daughter who died in her prime.
  1. Sadullah Khan

The elder son Sadullah Khan was basically an Engineer studied in England. He remains the XEN in PWD Abbottabad. He left two sons Shamim Sadullah and Anwar Sadullah.

  1. Shamim Saifullah

Shamim Saifullah married three times. For the first time he  married to Shandana Bibi, daughter of Ghani Khan. After that he married with an English lady named Veraty and for the third time he married with a lady Frontier cum Hong Kong lady named Parveen. Despite all three marriages he doesn’t have any offspring.

A.2 Anwar Sadullah

Anwar Sadullah married to the daughter of Gen. Mian Hay-ud-Din. From her, Anwar had two sons named Dr. Sharif Khan married to granddaughter of Abdul Ali Khan named Shehla Bibi. Despite this he has another son named Zain Khan and a daughter.

  1. Ubaidullah Khan: Ubaidullah Khan had five sons named Badruduja, Muneer, Jan, Arif and Arshad. Bdruduja married from Tehkal, Peshawar, Muneer was unmarried, Jan got marriage from Utmanzai, Arif married in Swat and Arshad was also married but was died in his earlier age.
  2. Hidaytullah Khan: He left three sons; Mustafa Kamal, an Army Officers, Ajmal Khan, ex. Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar and Shehrayar Khan.
  1. Mustafa Kamal

He married daughter of Pir Muhamamd Khan of Utmanzai. Her wife and Faridoon Khan (son of Ghani Khan) wives were sisters. From that lady Mustafa Kamal had five daughters.

  1. Ajmal Khan

He was the Ex-Vice Chancellor of University of Peshawar. He married to someone from Shadi Khan, Attock. From that lady Ajmal Khan had four daughters.

  1. Dr. Shehryar Khan

Married to Rukhsana Ali Khan, daughter of Abdul Ali Khan.  From Rukhsana, Dr. Shehryar has four daughters named Mehtab married to Ali, Zarmina married to Farooq, Laila and Rabia were unmarried.

  1. During his stay in England, Dr. Khan Saib got his second marriage with a Scottish lady named “Mary” having daughter named Maryam.[1] From her, Dr. Khan Sahib had a son named Jan Khan. Jan Khan lived for some time in Charsadda but he died due to typhoid. While Maryam married to a Sikh.
  1. Quresha Bibi

Behram Khan 2nd daughter was married to Burhan Khan of Rajar village. From Burhan Khan she had five sons and three daughters. Their sons were Shad Muhamamd Khan, Fida Muhammad Khan, Atta Muhammad Khan, Fateh Muhamamd Khan and Prof. Jehanzeb Niaz Khan. Her three daughters were Dilafroza, the mother of Saranjam Khan of Mardan, Gohartaj Bibi commonly known as Tajo Bibi, the first wife of Wali Khan and the younger Husanafroza wasn’t married.

  1. Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Baacha Khan)

Behram Khan younger son named Abdul Ghaffar Khan famously known as Baacha Khan, the founder of famous Pukhtoon social movement Khudai Khidmatgar. Abdul Ghaffar Khan got two marriages.

  1. He first married to Meherqanda, daughter of Yar Muhammad Khan of Rajjar of district Charsadda. From Meharqanda Ghaffar Khan  had  two sons named Abdul Ghani Khan, the famous Pushto Poet (Lewani Phalsaphi) and Abdul Wali Khan, the famous politician. His first wife was died due to epidemic in 1918.
  1. Abdul Ghani Khan

Abdul Ghani Khan was the elder son of Khan Abdul  Ghaffar  Khan. He got marriage to Roshan, a Parsi girl. He met Roshan at Bombay in his friend house during his job at Gola  Gokarnath  Sugar Mills at UP. Roshan was the youngest daughter of Rustum Jhang of Hayderabad Deccan. Ghani Khan fall in her love and got marriage in December 1939 despite his father Abdul Ghaffar Khan and other family opposition. From Roshan, Ghani Khan had two daughters named Shandana, Zareen Bibi and a son  named Faridoon.

  1. Shandana Bibi; Shandana,  the   elder   daughter   of  Ghani Khan was married to someone in India and settled in Banglore.
  2. Zareen Bibi; Zareen Bibi the younger daughter of Ghani Khan was also married to someone in India and settled in  Bombay.
  3. Faridoon; The only son of Ghani Khan married to Nageen Bibi, daughter of Pir Muhammad Khan of Utmanzai. From Nageen Bibi, Faridoon Khan had two sons named Behram and Mashal and a daughter named Shani Bibi.
  1. Behram; Behram the elder son of Faridoon Khan married to Lubna Bibi, daughter of Kamal Khan of Marwandi (Kamal Khan is the son of Hidaytullah Khan and grandson of Dr. Khan Saib) Kamal Khan married to Nageen Bibi’s sister. From Lubna Bibi, Behram Khan had a son named Ghani Khan.
  2. Mashal; The younger son of Faridoon Khan. He married to the younger daughter of Asfandyar Khan, central President of ANP. From her Mashal Khan has a son.
  3. Shani Bibi; Married to Arbab Wahab of Tehkal, Peshawar. From Arbab Wahab, Shani Bibi has three daughters.
  1. Abdul Wali Khan

Khan Abdul Wali Khan was the 2nd son of Baacha Khan from his first wife. He married to Tajo Bibi in 1944 when Wali Khan’s age was only 29. From Tajo Bibi, Wali Khans had two daughters named Nasreen (born on 18th March 1945) and Parveen (born in February 1947) and Asfandyar Khan, (born on 14th February 1949). Wali Khan’s first wife, Tajo Bibi died when he was in Jail by giving birth to twins in which one passed away along with his mother and the other Asfandyar Wali Khan, the present Central President of Awami National Party is still alive.

  1. Daughter Nasreen

The elder daughter Nasreen was married to Azam Khan Hoti, the former federal Minister. Azam Khan Hoti was the son of Khudai Khidmatgar and close friend of  Baacha Khan Amir Muhammad Khan. From Azam Khan Hoti Nasreen had two sons and a daughter named;

  1. Amir Haidar Khan Hoti;

Haidar Khan Hoti, the current Chief Minister of NWFP the son of Nasreen Wali Khan and Azam Khan Hoti (son of famous Khudai Khidmatgar and companion of Baacha Khan, Amir Muhamamd Khan). He married with Shahnaz Bibi, the daughter of Sareer Khan and granddaughter of Merdil Khan, colleague of Baacha Khan. From Shehnaz Bibi, Amir Haidar Hoti has two sons named Akbar and Muhammad and a daughter named Palwasha.

  1. Amir Ghazan Khan;

The 2nd son of Nasreen Wali Khan and Azam Khan Hoti. He is the current Director of Baacha Khan Trust. He married to Saira Bibi daughter of Haidar

Ali Khan of Dargai. From Saira Bibi, Amir Ghazan Khan had two daughters named Haya and Laila.

  1. Shama Bibi; The only daughter of Nasreen Wali and Azam Khan Hoti. She was married to Suleman Khan of Rajar. From Sulaiman Khan, Shama had two sons named Mustafa and Esa.
  1. Daughter Parveen

The younger daughter Parveen was married to Javed Khattak. From Javed Khattak Parveen had two sons named Khuskhal Khan and Jamal Khan.

  1. Asfandyar Khan

Asfandyar Wali Khan, the current President of Awami National Party (ANP) was the younger son of Wali Khan’s first wife. His mother died by giving birth to twins. In twins Asfandyar Khan was alived while the other died with his mother. He married to Mazida Bibi, daughter of Dost Muhammad Khan of Rajar. From Mazida Bibi, Asfandyar Khan had two daughters named Durkhanai and Gulmakai. The younger Gulmaki was married to Mashal Khan, the son of Nageen Bibi and Faridoon Khan. Asfandyar Khan had a son name Aimal Khan.

B. 2. Abdul Wali Khan got his second marriage in November 1954 with Nasim, the third daughter of Amir Muhammad Khan Hoti, famous Khudai Khidmatgar and a close colleague of Baacha Khan. Amir Muhammad Khan famously known as Khan Lala. From Begum Nasim, Wali Khan had a son and a daughter.

  1. Gulalai; Gulalai was born in July 1956. By profession Gulali is a doctor. She married to Dr. Jehanzeb of Bannu. From Dr. Jehanzeb, Gulali had three sons named Jalwan, Janan and Jebran.
  1. Sangeen Wali Khan; From Begum Nasim, Wali Khan had a son named Sangeen born on 7th June 1959. Sangeen Wali Khan married to Alia Bibi, daughter of Anwar Khan. Anwar Khan is the son of Amir Muhammad Khan Hoti of Mardan. From Alia Bibi Sangeen Wali had two daughters named Meherqanda and Maryam. Sangeen Wali had also a son named Lawangeen.
  1. Baacha Khan married for the second time in 1919 to Nambata daughter of Sultan Muhammad Khan. From Nambat Baacha Khan had a daughter named Meher Taja (born on 25th May 1921) and a son named Abdul Ali Khan (born on 20th August 1922 and died on 19th February  1997)  popularly known as Lali, the educationist.

4.2.1        Meher Taja Bibi

Meher Taja was the only daughter of Baacha Khan. She was married to Yahya Jan Khan. From Yahya Jan Khan, Meher Taja had a son named Saleem Jan Khan and three daughters named Naheed, Rohida and Shahida Bibi. Saleem Jan Khan had three sons Changeez Khan, Sherbaz Khan and younger Zerak Khan. Her elder daughter Naheeda married to Raheem Khan. From Raheem Khan she had a son and a daughter. Rohida had two sons named Samir and Fahad. The younger Shahida Bibi was married to Dr. Anis-ur- Rehman (late) and she had daughter named Gulmakai Jan.

  1. Abdul Ali Khan

Abdul Ali Khan, the younger son of Baacha Khan from his second wife Nambata. He married to Mamuda daughter of late Qazi Attaullah, Education Minister during Dr. Khan Saib reign. Abdul Ali Khan had two sons named Zulfiqar Ali Khan and Nasir Ali Khan and three daughters named Shehnaz Ali Khan, Dur-e- Shehwar and Rukhsana Ali Khan. All three daughters were elders than their two brothers.

  1. Shehnaz Ali Khan

Married to a Punjabi named Choudry Ishtiaq Anwar. From Ishtiaq Anwar Shehnaz Bibi had a daughter named Sarah and two sons named Jahangir Ishtiaq and Alamgir Ishtiaq. Both married to someone and settled abroad.

  1. Dur-e-Shawar

Married to a doctor of Sawabi named Dr. A. Waheed. From Dr. Waheed, Dur-e-Shehwar had three daughters named Palwasha, Shehla, Laila and son named Asad Ahmed Sahibzada.

  1. Palwasha Bibi married to Zarrak Khan, son of Salim Jan Khan son of Yahya Jan Khan, son in law of Baacha Khan. From Zarrak Khan, Palwasha Bibi had a son.
  2. Asad Sahibzada unmarried
  3. Shehla Bibi married to Dr. Sharif Khan, grandson of Dr. Khan Saib.
  4. Laila Bibi married to someone in Peshawar.
  1. Rukhsana Ali Khan

Married to Dr. Shehryar Hidayatullah Khan, grandson of Dr. Khan Saib. From Shehryar, Rukhsana Bibi had four daughters named Mehtab married to Ali, Zarmina married to Farooq, Lalina and Rabia unmarried.

  1. Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Married to Saeeda Bibi, daughter of Muhammad Nadir Khan of Utmanzai. From Saeeda Bibi, Zulfiqar Ali has three daughters and a son.

  1. Nasir Ali Khan

Married to Sarwat Bibi, daughter of Amanullah Khan of Prang. From Sarwat Bibi, Nasir Ali Khan had two sons and two daughters.

Shah Pasand Khan

Shah Pasand Khan is the 2nd son of Saifullah Khan. He has three sons and three daughters. Those are;

  1. Mohammad Khan: He is the elder son of Shah Pasand Khan. He has two sons and one daughter. His daughter is elder than his sons and she was married to his cousin Mir Sahib (son of Shah Sahib).
  2. Shamroz Khan: 2nd son of Shah Pasand Khan. He married to the daughter of Kunda Bibi (wife of Samand Khan) Later on Shamroz Khan was killed and he left two daughters and a son. His elder daughter was married to Sultan Mohammad Khan of Mohammad Nari village. His son named Abdul Karim.
  3. Shah Sahib: 3rd son of Shah Pasand Khan. He has three daughters and a son named Mir Sahib. Shah Sahib daughter was married to Haji Muhammad Akram Khan. from him she got one daughter and four sons named Ashraf, Amir Nawaz Jalia, Azam Jan and Hasham Jan.  The only daughter of Haji Mohammad Akram Khan was married to late Sadullah Khan.
  4. Daughter 1: Shah Pasnad elder daughter was married to Torai Pir. She gave birth to two daughters.
  5. Daughter 2: Shah Pasand khan second daughter was married to Zafar Khan s/o Muhammad Umar Khan. She gave birth to two sons named Farukhsiyar, Alamgir and two daughters.
  6. Daughter 3: Shah Pasand 3rd daughter was married to Abdul Hameed Khan. She gave birth to a son named Rabnawaz Khan Salar and a daughter. 

Samand Khan

Samand Khan is the third son of Saifullah Khan from his first wife. He married to Kunda Bibi. She is the full sister of Haji Muhammad Umar Khan, Haji Ghulam Haidar Khan and half-sister of Haji Muhammad Akram Khan, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Abdullah Khan and Abdul Hameed Khan of Utmanzai. Samand Khan died just after his marriage. He left one daughter married to his cousin Shamroz Khan son of Shah Pasand Khan.

Daughter 1

She is the first daughter of Saifullah Khan from his first wife. She is the full sister of Behram Khan, Shah Pasand Khan, Samand Khan and half-sister of  Yar  Muhammad Khan, Ghulam Haidar Khan. She also had one step sister. She was married to step cousin Sanaullah Khan (son of Yar Muhammad Khan, step brother of Behram Khan). She gave birth to one daughter and two son named Haji Abdul Sattar Khan and Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

  1. Haji Abdul Sattar Khan: He had two daughters and four sons named Tehsenullah, Tafkhirullah, Hameedullah and Ihsanullah.
  2. Ghulam Sarwar Khan: He had three daughters and one son named Muhammad Nadir Khan.
  3. Daughter: She was married to  Abdul  Manan  Khan  of  Utmanzai. She had five sons named Abdul Qayum, Abdul Qudoos, Mir Rehman, Abdul Rehman and Nehar.

Saifullah Khan 2nd wife children

From his 2nd wife Saifullah Khan have one daughter and two sons named Yar Muhammad Khan and Ghulam Haidar Khan.

Yar Muhammad Khan

Yar Muhammad Khan is the elder son of Saifullah Khan from his 2nd wife. Yar Muhammad Khan had two daughters and two sons. Those are;

  1. Sanullah Khan: He married to his step cousin, daughter of Behram Khan and sister of Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Baacha Khan) and Dr. Khan Sahib. Sanullah Khan had one son named Sultan Muhammad Khan. Sultan Muhammad Khan had one daughter and two sons named Aslam Khan and Bahadur Khan.
  2. Taj Muhammad Khan: Died in his early life.
  3. Daughter 1: Elder Daughter of Yar Muhammad Khan was married to Sher Ali Khan. She gave birth to three daughters and four sons named Sher Afzal, Shah Afzal, Gul Afzal and Muhammad Sher. Her elder daughter is married to Ajab Farish Khan. Ajab Farish had one daughter.
  4. Daughter 2: 2nd daughter of Yar Muhammad Khan married to Hamid Khan. She had two sons.
  5. Daughter 3: 3rd Daughter of Yar Muhammad Khan married to Haji Ali Shamozai. She had a son.

Ghulam Haidar Khan

Ghulam Haidar Khan was the 2nd son of Saifullah Khan from his second wife. He was the brother of Yar Muhammad Khan. Ghulam Haidar Khan had five daughters and two sons. Those were;

  1. Haji Sarbiland Khan: Haji Sarbiland Khan had one son and a daughter.
  2. Sheikh Farid: Sheikh Farid had three daughters and three sons named Jaffar Khan, Faqir Khan and Khalil Khan. His elder daughter was married to Inayat Khan of Prang, Charsadda. His 2nd daughter was married to 2nd son of Haji Turangzai. His third daughter was married to Mukaram Shah s/o Maghfoor Shah of Shakar Dand. Her third daughter had one son.
  3. Daughter 1: Ghulam Haidar Khan elder daughter was married to Maghfoor Shah of Shakar Dand. He had two sons named Mukaram shah (Sheikh Farid’s son in law) and Muhammad shah.
  4. Daughter 2: Ghulam Haidar 2nd daughter was married to Abdul Ghaffar of Umerzai.
  5. Daughter 3: Ghulam Haidar 3rd daughter was married to Ghulam Sadiq brother of Maghfoor Shah of Shah Dand.
  6. Daughter 4: Ghulam Haidar 4th daughter was married to Rehmatullah of Ghari Hameed Gul. She had a son named Sadullah.
  7.         Daughter 5: Ghulam Haidar Khan 5th daughter was married to Aziz Khan of Wardaggas son.


Saifullah Khan had one daughter from his second wife who was the full sister of Yar Muhammad Khan and Ghulam Haidar Khan. She was married to Sargans Khan. She had one daughter married to Zaman Khan of Utmanzai. She also had one daughter who was married to Tehmas Khan. He had a daughter.


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